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Underwriting is the backbone of our business. At Canopy Specialty Insurance we combine years of experience and service to provide a high level of underwriting quality. We work closely with our underwriting teams to ensure the process is convenient for clients and carrier partners alike.

Partnering with specialist loss control services we are able to accurately price risk, provide risk managment to clients while producing profitable business to our carrier partners.

Loss Control

Portfolio Analysis & Acturial Services



Underwriting is the backbone of our business. We combine decades of underwriting experience and insurance expertise to provide risk solutions to a diverse client base. The knowledge held by our underwriting teams allows risks to be presented to Canopy with the confidence that the account is being reviewed by a specialist underwriter for that line of business. 

Technology & Operations

Canopy's advanced technology platform supports every area of the business. We have built a strong back-office support team that works closely with our underwriting teams, clients, and carrier partners to ensure operational functionality remains consistent throughout each of our partnerships. Our operational diligence allows underwriters to maximize underwriting efficiencies to provide better services to our clients and carrier partners. Canopy's operations team also ensures compliance and regulatory adherence throughout the Company.

Loss Control

Partnering with specialist loss control professionals, we are able to monitor risk alongside our clients. Within our loss control services, we perform inspections for property and liability related exposures, advising clients of risk management measures to better protect their business and to reduce risk. 

Portfolio Analysis & Actuarial Services

Canopy's portfolio management and oversight involves continuous review of all underwriting programs including data, analytics, and actuarial review. Within our analysis, we are able to determine expansions to our product offerings or areas of the marketplace that we would like to further develop in order to provide the best market offering to our clients and carrier partners.

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