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Canopy Specialty Insurance is a specialist Insurance Program Administrator operating within the US marketplace. Canopy is led by a team of experienced insurance professionals and operates as an extension to its insurance carrier partners providing unique products and technology solutions to the marketplace.


Canopy Specialty Insurance

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Our specialist underwriting teams are product line experts that bring decades of focused industry experience to the marketplace.

The strength of our underwriting talent, combined with our data and analytics capabilities, allows us to quickly partner with highly rated carrier partners and launch innovative products that are needed in each marketplace that we underwrite in.

Our underwriting expertise provides peace of mind to our clients that their risks are in the right place and are protected with reliable and stable underwriting partners.


We understand the importance of claims handling and the impact it has on our clients. Partnering with experienced claims specialists, we are able to ensure that claims are handled in a timely and efficient manner.

All claims data is aligned with our underwriting system allowing us to support the claims professionals that are handling the claims, so that claim situations can be brought to the quickest and fairest resolution for all parties involved. 

Image by Helloquence
Image by Helloquence


Whether it is developing online raters, 
analyzing portfolio analytics, or issuing 
insurance polices and documents to our clients, technology is ingrained into Canopy's DNA.

Our continued technology advancements allow for our products to be brought to market quicker, while providing sophisticated underwriting tools and ongoing portfolio analysis to our underwriting teams, ensuring appropriate coverage and pricing is in place.

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