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  • Carrier A.M. Best Rating: "A" XV.

  • Revenue Size: Firms up to $20,000,000 in professional services revenue.

  • Limits Available: Up to $5,000,000 per claim/$5,000,000 in the aggregate.

  • Primary and Excess Capabilities: Excess is offered on a Supported and Unsupported basis.

  • Minimum Premium: $3,500.

  • Minimum Deductible: $2,500.

  • States: All States.

  • Coverage For: Professional, Pollution, Microbial, Transportation, and Non-Owned Site Pollution Liability.

  • Defendants Reimbursement, Disciplinary Proceedings, and Reputation Management coverage extensions.

  • Automatic Additional Insured, if required by a written contract.

  • Automatic Waiver of Subrogation, if required by a written contract.

  • Softened Hammer Clause.

  • Claims Made and Reported Policy form.

  • Worldwide Coverage.

Supplemental Application

Contractors Professional Pollution Liability

Construction Work

Contractors Professional Pollution Liability

Our Team

Rob Keyser

Senior Underwriter

Leigh Strain

Senior Underwriter

Bob Schmidt

Senior Underwriter

Jeannie Vilary

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